Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Um...Time...I Used to Have That...Once

So for some reason this year I am being crazy and deciding to be incredibly busy - this may have something to do with my lack of funds for a Netflix account but that's beside the point. Anyway because 21 credits wasn't apparently cutting it, I added a part-time job (it gives me free meals and free food is a most marvelous thing is it not?).

Well actually I think I added 3 part time jobs. I work at the school cafe, on the real paper news paper and on the electronic school newspaper.

Then I am babysitting the most adorable little girl 2-3 nights a week, I claim this as service because thus far the parents haven't paid me.

So between work and babysitting I have one free night a week. Or at least I did. Because I decided that Wednesdays would simply be too quiet without something to do I have run for the school's Senate. Now it may sound arrogant that I have already claimed the position before the votes are in but because only two students are "running" and as we need two senators from our district I'm in anyway. I didn't even have to do the little debate thingys. I just told the guy in charge that I want to be involved and he said sure and now I am on the ballot. Yay me!

And with all that I am still finding time to let you know what's going on over here on the East Coast.  You know what that means though right? It means that I have homework which I don't want to work on. Though I really should so I will talk to all of you later.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hey There, I'm Back!

So I am realizing that this little blog has been seriously neglected. Readers should see that as a good thing because it means poor Beka has a life!

This week I...
Started up classes, more on that to follow
GOT A JOB!!!! yay! I can eat now!
Tried out for Fading Point (results will follow as soon as I have them)
Babysat the cutest girl alive

Wow, that's a short list, especially for a weeks worth of stuff. Maybe I am just getting lazy...we shall continue this debate another time because I must go off to my first shift so I will cut this short. More details to follow I promise!