Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer time

This year will be officially over tomorrow night when my family comes to pick me up. I am of course excited to see them and to have a break from tests and papers and such. (Still a final and a paper to go though)

But I am going to miss this place. Even though I will only be gone for 8 weeks or so...and there won't be bugs, or humidity and I don't have to buy my food anymore, and I'll have a car, and can sleep in, and can read what I want, and will have access to a real library and gym and pool...

Why do I want to stay here again? Utah here I come!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

A Year Has Passed

So, it has been a year since I have graduated. I am trying to figure out what I have learned...
1. Don't write a journal that you have supposed to have kept all semester in one night, you can do it, but it's just miserable and it takes days to catch back up on the sleep.

2. Do the dishes right after you've eaten. It makes life easier all around.

3. Same goes for clothes, just put them away right after laundry.

4. I know who exactly Hector and Achilles and Aeneas are and why the it took so long for Odysseus to get home.

5. Different types of narrative voice and all the complexity behind that nonsense.

6. Catch the ball, or hit the ball before it hits your knee. The bruise is extremely cool and almost worth the pain but you can't really show it off.

7. matter how hard you try you will never be good enough for their standards.

8. I can tell you which British authors wrote what when and why they wrote what they did. I can also tell you how most of the big ones died.

9. Lizzie, Jim, Chuck, Chuck, Jim with a little bit of Ollie in the mix. AP Euro students should be glad to know that. It's always been impossible to remember which James goes where and was Charles the one killed?

10. I can now research with the best of them and generally get academic articles on almost every subject known to man.

These are the top ten things I have been able to think of today. At least some of them have life long applications. Other I just remember because I worked hard to learn them. I wonder what next year's top ten will be don't you?