Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Heights

My procrastination has hit new heights tonight in many ways. Rather than do health, I wrote letters to mail to friends. Instead of reading Dante I facebooked and rearranging my room replaced biology. Yeah, I got bored, didn't want to write essays so I said "Roommates, how about we rearrange our room!"

Mel was totally down for it, she was on the top bunk and hated having to climb down every morning so any excuse to get out of that situation was good for her, Ky is just awesome and loved the idea of moving things around. The one roommate who might have a problem with this isn't home currently so we will bribe her with candy if she gets upset.

So now the bunkbeds are no more! And, what's even better, my bed is now about 4 feet off the ground! If I didn't feel like enough of a little kid before this totally fixes that. Remember when you were little and your feet didn't touch the ground when you sat on your bed? It was amazing. I felt like I had to jump up and down on my bed a few times just for fun.

I love getting to act immature and just have fun with life.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oh Pillow How I Miss Thee...

Why am I still awake? How am I still functioning? I really shouldn't be.
Last night was an amazing concert done by the Truman Brothers.!/pages/Truman/129631414128?v=app_2405167945

This is their facebook link and you really should check them out because they are amazing! I really should have gone to bed after that because I have been seeing 1:00 on my clock far too many times this week. But since I am in college I didn't... I chose to go watch LOTR:The Two Towers so was unable to get home until about 1:00am. So fun, yet so stupid!

Today was just go, go, go. Hitting rotation, football game, elementary school Halloween carnival...I am sooo tired yet I can't sleep. Oh dear I will go apologize to my pillow and hopefully we will make up and be friends again. Night-night

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rain and Midterms

Sorry it has been a while since I have been able to post. Midterms have finally ended for me and now I can stop to take a little breather before the two papers which are due next week. The workload has finally reached what I had always imagined to be a college workload. Reading every night, tests every day, papers due in every class. Yeah, it's hard though thankfully it's not impossible. I can still have my movie nights with 215, keep up my knitting, and (most importantly) read Harry Potter.

Fall, along with midterms has also fully arrived. It has been cool and rainy. I have my rain boots though so all is well. This place is so beautiful. The leaves have almost all changed color and the mountains (well kinda sorta mountains) are all blazing with color. The reds, oranges, and yellows are abundant and make me feel like I am living in one of those nature pictures that are absolutely perfect. I am completely and blissfully happy.

Sorry that I don't have much to say at the moment, life has taken on it's routine and I need to watch myself to make sure that I don't fall into a dull existence, though when you have neighbors that decorate the halls in cobwebs that doesn't seem likely.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Girls in 215

So after my friends in 215 told me I made them sound like jerks in my last post I decided to send a shout out just to them.

They are amazing. They are my ride to Walmart and my movie watching buddies. And after I had a bad day I got home from class and found this on my wall.

They are amazing aren't they?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just Got Schooled by a 12-year-old

This story requires a little back-ground.

I am an academic not and athlete, in high school though I decided to try softball for a year. It was a really fun experience yet was something that I don't have any real talent for. One of the beauties of being in a small institution is the fact that I can still play on a sports team and experience the camaraderie which is unique to the team atmosphere. A few minutes into our first practice though I realized that I am in WAY over my head. The girls in 215 are actually going to make me a sign for home games that says "Go #18! Even If You Suck We Still Love You" I am that bad. I lack muscles. I can't really throw, bat or run. But after a few weeks I can tell that I am showing a little improvement so by spring I will be a juggernaut.

Oh! Time for a plug! My team as of this moment doesn't have a field on our campus and we almost have enough money to get there any donations would be so appreciated!

So now onto the story...

I really had thought that I was making some good progress until tonight when coach had me throw with a 12 year old girl who she works with. Now there really was nothing wrong with throwing with a kid. I thought that's where my level was at actually. I discovered however that this little girl is ever so much better than I am. There is nothing that will humble you quite like getting schooled by a little girl. And not just in the warm-up throws, nope, she kicked my butt in all of the infield drills as well. (Though that is permissable I am an outie not an innie)

One thing I noticed from watching her though was that she did EVERY SINGLE THING we were told to do. She did it immediately, she did it consistantly and after a few times through she did it perfectly. I think that's whats meant when the Lord commanded us to be as a child. We are to obey quickly, constantly and try our hardest to follow our instructions perfectly. I can only hope that if I follow her example I will be as amazing at both softball and life. Thanks little one for showing me exactly what I need to do to get through this season and through this life.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Parachutes and Chocolate Milk

Pig-tails are dangerous things. You wouldn't think so, they seem to be cute cuddly and harmless. Don't be deceived though, this hairstyle will lead to more immaturity than ever thought possible.

Some people have the odd idea that when you are in college you are more mature than you were in high school...LIE. Not true, at least not for me. I love taking naps, eating cookies in class and coloring. While talking to my baby sister I realized that really there are no differences between college and kindergarten. What triggers this set of thoughts, well this week I had pig-tails in one day and that resulted in many joyous escapades.

First there was chocolate milk. My dear friend Trish was blowing bubbles in her chocolate milk after telling her she was acting like she was five, I grabbed my own glass and started racing her on how quickly I could fill my cup up.
As you can see...I won!

That was not the end of my fun, not by a long shot. Later after a long and arduous process I finally was able finish my laundry. Cassie kindly guarded my laundry with me and when we got my sheets out from the dryer we realized it looked like those little parachutes that kids play with.

 I didn't take this pic.
Well without further ado we played parachute. It was quite enjoyable, I was amazed at how big my sheet was.

Finally pig-tails can lead to skipping around Wal-Mart at midnight. Rm 215 needed to make a food run for our marvelous dinner we made last night and I got to tag along because I needed snacks for tomorrows temple trip. While they were looking at bagels I realized that I had run out of crackers so naturally I had to restock. What is the quickest way to get around in your bunny slippers and pig-tails? Skipping of course.

So that's why pig-tails are dangerous. They lead to chocolate milk bubbles, parachute games in the laundry room and skipping around Wal-Mart at 12 in the morning.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Time is a very odd thing. It has the power to simultaneously speed up and slow down. The days can feel as though they will never end and then you blink. Suddenly a week's gone, month's gone, year's gone - a life is gone.

This week has been one of those weeks. On Monday night as I was making my second Wal-Mart trip I really couldn't believe that I have the whole week to go through. Now it's Friday and I really have no idea where my time has gone. Have I done anything really productive? I mean my assignments have all been turned in, I went to softball practice as I was supposed to, I got adequate amounts of sleeping and socializing...

Have I been productive?
What is the key ingredient to ensuring that the life you lead has meaning? Is it the education I am receiving? or is it the late-night vent sessions that friends sometimes need?  Is it making sure I get straight A's and spend as much time ensuring my success as possible? Or is it taking time to help a classmate who struggles or making dinner for the brand new mother in our ward?

These are questions which seem to have no definitive answer and are therefore all the more frustrating. I suppose it is just a series of personal decisions which we have to make daily and deal with the consequences for life. The key I suppose is to learn which consequences you really want to live with.