Monday, September 27, 2010


Why do today what you can do tomorrow?

Yeah that seems to be the motto of college. Well tomorrow it might be raining, you may have realized that you have twice as much due as you origially had planned and that assignment that you thought was going to be a piece of cake actually is the hardest thing you have had to do all year. Oh yeah, the internet is out again as well.

Oh Life, you have a sick sense of humor. Of course that's what today is like. It's not really raining so much as bucketing outside. (I would take a picutre but sadly my camera broke.) My shoes are soaked through I have a lab report due in...oh 3 hours and it's on miosis who understands that kind of stuff anyway? (Don't worry Mommy it will be done with full credit just as it always is.) Also there is that article I need to read and the Harry Potter movie is coming out so I need to finish that series again before Nov. 19th And did I mention that it is bucketing and I left my oh-so-cute-pink-and-yellow-polka-dotted umbrella at home because it wasn't that bad this morning?

Ah well. At least life isn't boring.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Growing Pains

When one is in college, it is as if you are in a sphere of your own. Trials are not as trivial as those in high school yet they still are not so dramatic as those faced in the adult world. Our parents are still generally there to bail us out of trouble. Food is still not too hard to find, and though we are doing our own laundry and cleaning, I believe it is fairly safe to say that college is a safe and secure bubble.

This is especially true on a campus where most people are far from home. We are in our own world, the worst problems that we face is wondering how we will get all of our homework done, study for the test tomorrow, make it through sports practice and still get enough sleep that we are able to function. That's not too bad. Really life is full of fun activities and school is really a place to socialize, have fun and be happy.

And then a phone call comes.

Our happy reality is shattered and replaced with an entirely new one. One of the girls in 215 was unfortunate enough to receive such a call. She found out that her parents are getting a divorce.

What can one do to offer comfort when the building blocks of a life are being ripped apart? All I have is a shoulder to cry on and an overabundance of hot chocolate waiting for her when she needs it. Life still goes on in places where we are not. Loves bloom and wilt, lives grow and are lost and all without our knowledge and certainly without our permission.

In our society that has become steadily more egocentric it is really hard to imagine that everyone else is the star of their movie just as you star in your own. It is impossible to think that parents and siblings who are far away from you, rather than staying static characters waiting for you to come back into their lives, are growing and changing without you there to see it.

Perhaps this is because it is much easier that way. It is much easier to think that things will always stay the same. They don't though, you change, your friends change, your family changes, life is a continuous round of transitions. All things must grow or else they are lost.

I just wish there weren't so many growing pains involved.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Lights Turned Off...God Loves Me!!!

Ok so time for really little entry because I am ready to die because I am so tired.

I had my first college softball practice tonight and well....hahaha guess who's really REALLY  not in shape. Yeah....So when we had team prayer before practice (yeah my school is the coolest ever you have permission to be jealous) I was just silently pleading "Let me get through this and don't let me die. Let me get through this and don't let me die." When I was about ready to die the lights on the field cut out.

Seriously if ANYONE tries to tell me prayer doesn't work I will laugh in their face and call them a liar. Everyone else was pretty sad but the lights came back on after about 5 minutes so I got my break, didn't die, and was able to finish practice.

Heavenly Father is amazing I really can't describe how awestruck I was when they cut out because I was ready to keel over.  I thank the Lord daily for my tender mercies because they just keep coming and coming.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


We  are being attacked by bugs. I really am not happy with that. So I totally agree with Calvin up there in his sentiments.
Before you think I am cruel for thinking that however please take the time to look at the image below.

I have absolutely no idea where those came from. I really hope that it was a little snake because that would have been one HUGE spider!
Yeah and that is why I want them to be gone.

Though despite all the bugs there is beauty here.
This is the path we take to get to our soccer fields.
There was a girls game today so I got to walk in this beautiful path.

So there is beauty everywhere despite all of the bugs.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Picture Time!

So yeah you want me to add some pictures? I finally got some uploaded.
Thats my little desk space. I kinda am trying to take one every night to see how it will evolve.

So This is what I get to see every morning. If I get going really early it's surrounded by mist and is perhaps one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my entire life.

This is me and my amazing roommate Mel!!! She is the bestest ever at everything. Especially all things involving technology. I would die without her help on the computer.
Doesn't need explanation my school just is the most beautiful ever.

So this is our football team. I'm not going to lie our Student Section is not in any way mighty but we do have...

A (boring) married couples section!!!

So there you go! Some pictures of school I may or may not be adding more...actually I most likely will be when there are noteworthy ones but here we go.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Laundry and other boring pursuits.

So I have to be all responsible and stuff now that I am an "adult" so I am sitting here waiting patiently for my laundry to be done so I can have some jeans to wear to a concert I want to go to tonight. Did you know that about 50 girls share one set of a washer and dryer! It's terrible. Thankfully I don't have too much of a life as of yet so I am free friday and saturday nights when no one else is so I can do my laundry. I kinda like it which is weird. But the sound is soothing, and it's quiet here. Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to find a quiet spot when there are almost 300 girls living in the same place!!!

Yay! Wash is done! be right back...

...And...we're good! There are times when I wish I didn't have so much pink in my wardrobe then I wouldn't have to do a separate wash for reds. But I have to so I might as well get used to it.

So, what have I been up to? I have been attempting to figure out Hamlet's tragic flaw. And really I had no desire to be boring and say his "inability to act" like everybody else does because I don't know about you but if a ghost told me to do something like...I don't know kill a king! I would be a little hesitant as well. So I was reading it again looking for something, anything to write a paper on and he started to remind me of Raskolnikov. You remember dear old Rodya don't you. The double axe-murderer who you feel bad for from Crime and Punishment Yeah that guy. So I think his problem is he thinks too much which is bad to do when you are depressed. If he had joined a club or something or had gone back to school he probably would have been fine. But since he didn't have anything to do but brood he went a little crazy and lost it and everyone died.

Wow...I bet you didn't want to know that but that was my thought for the day. Or at least one of them. I like thinking don't you...oh dear what if I turn out like Hamlet or Rask. I had better go do something. But the concert isn't for another hour so I will have to wait.

So I have made some awesome friends here. (Shout out to rm 215!!!) and because of them I didn't get home until midnight last night and was unable to complete my Iliad homework. I think I should go and do that. It's a great book by the way! I love it though it is a little you know - violent and graphic and stuff but if you look past that it can be a pretty great story.

I really feel like I should be putting pictures up or something but I am still figuring all of that stuff out. I shall have my roommate Mel teach me how to do that tomorrow for now...oh well.

Gotta Go! I have over 200 pages to read (yikes!) Wish me luck!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Bipolar lifestles

So my beloved roommate Mel is very good at posting a blog entry everyday and I have realized that I have been quite remiss about doing such things I believe that I should begin. Plus I have some reading to do and well I don't want to and it's not due tomorrow so I shall procrastinate.

So it is hotter than Hades here. Like really really really times infinity hot here. And the humidity doesn't help, it just makes things worse. But then I get to my dorm room and realize that I live in the north pole. (I know it sounds like there is no pleasing me, but going from 90's to 50's is quite a shock) Apparently my roommates all come from very...cold climates. Believe me I love AC it's the best invention well ever but when its 50 degrees in your room it just gets cold and I have recieved death threats when I try to change it. So I guess I have to go around wearing my huge parka, wrapped in blankets in 90 degree weather...go figure.

The heat comes to mind in particular today because I went on an adventure to see if Alexandars (This is an awesome retro ice-cream parlor run by my intern choir director - Nate. He can sing higher than I can it's almost scary) was open. It wasn't. Bad Nate not serving students when they wanted ice-cream! So Mel and I were walking and had to climb up 2 ginormous hills today which really wasn't experience.

So what would you like to know about school? That we lack school spirit? Though our football team won.(Thats good) That I have perhaps the prettiest campus on the face of the planet. That our library has some of the oldest books in the world. (Though it is quite a varied selection I am going to the W&L library this week I heard it is amazing!) That I got invited to a baptist bbq and movie. That I went to our school musical which was just amazing. That I met a really great guy who makes me want to be a better person? I don't know you tell me.

What do you want to hear?