Monday, April 5, 2010

An Adventure and a Half

Well, while spring break was fun (it was perfect weather in the 70's to low 80's. I come home and it's snowing. What is wrong with this state?) there were quite a few bumps in the road.

First: the drive down.
Our youngest sibling is adverse to the idea of seatbelts and screamed "my tummy hurts" for the majority of the ride. And really 12 hours is too long to keep 7 people in one vehicle.

Second: The Hotel
This place was run-down to put it mildly. While the pool was really nice, we were forced to switch rooms twice. The first time we had been put in a room which management knew had plumbing problems (no need for details) the second one had a beehive right outside with bees coming in through the ventalation. It's quite scary to come into a room and see dead bees all over the floor and more flying around.

Despite those it was so fun to come down and visit with the grandparents. We went to museams, baseball games, the Mesa Temple Pagent and the local flea-markent. We got to watch conference together as a family. Watching with the Grandparents was a new experience. We learned new card games to play together. Dirty Dora anyone?

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