Thursday, December 16, 2010

Finals Week

So...since I have been studying and taking tests and knitting in order to procrastinate...I haven't really blogged for a long time.

It is snowing right now. Really actually snowing. Earlier this year it did this little light fluffy thing that melted in 3 hours but now we are up to around 4 inches and it is still going out there. I don't understand why it hasn't snowed all semester and yet the week when everyone is trying to fly home (and we live in a place where you have to drive a really long time to get to any airport)? It's been going since 6 this morning and 12 hours later it doesn't show signs of stopping and while I don't have any corn for popping I do have EasyMac, oatmeal and cookies so I think I am ok.

I am almost done with my finals, just one more tomorrow. Is it odd that they weren't nearly as bad as everyone made them out to be? They are just a bunch of tests? Maybe it's because I'm an english major and just have to turn in papers instead of do finals.

As mentioned I have been knitting. One of my friends just had a baby so I made her a blaket, and since I am really broke I have decided to make Christmas presents this year so I have been spending a lot of time with needles in hand making a variety of things. The pictures will be posted at a later date. Probably next week because guess what....


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