Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Lights Turned Off...God Loves Me!!!

Ok so time for really little entry because I am ready to die because I am so tired.

I had my first college softball practice tonight and well....hahaha guess who's really REALLY  not in shape. Yeah....So when we had team prayer before practice (yeah my school is the coolest ever you have permission to be jealous) I was just silently pleading "Let me get through this and don't let me die. Let me get through this and don't let me die." When I was about ready to die the lights on the field cut out.

Seriously if ANYONE tries to tell me prayer doesn't work I will laugh in their face and call them a liar. Everyone else was pretty sad but the lights came back on after about 5 minutes so I got my break, didn't die, and was able to finish practice.

Heavenly Father is amazing I really can't describe how awestruck I was when they cut out because I was ready to keel over.  I thank the Lord daily for my tender mercies because they just keep coming and coming.

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