Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Heights

My procrastination has hit new heights tonight in many ways. Rather than do health, I wrote letters to mail to friends. Instead of reading Dante I facebooked and rearranging my room replaced biology. Yeah, I got bored, didn't want to write essays so I said "Roommates, how about we rearrange our room!"

Mel was totally down for it, she was on the top bunk and hated having to climb down every morning so any excuse to get out of that situation was good for her, Ky is just awesome and loved the idea of moving things around. The one roommate who might have a problem with this isn't home currently so we will bribe her with candy if she gets upset.

So now the bunkbeds are no more! And, what's even better, my bed is now about 4 feet off the ground! If I didn't feel like enough of a little kid before this totally fixes that. Remember when you were little and your feet didn't touch the ground when you sat on your bed? It was amazing. I felt like I had to jump up and down on my bed a few times just for fun.

I love getting to act immature and just have fun with life.

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  1. This is your mother. Please study and keep up on your homework.