Friday, October 1, 2010


Time is a very odd thing. It has the power to simultaneously speed up and slow down. The days can feel as though they will never end and then you blink. Suddenly a week's gone, month's gone, year's gone - a life is gone.

This week has been one of those weeks. On Monday night as I was making my second Wal-Mart trip I really couldn't believe that I have the whole week to go through. Now it's Friday and I really have no idea where my time has gone. Have I done anything really productive? I mean my assignments have all been turned in, I went to softball practice as I was supposed to, I got adequate amounts of sleeping and socializing...

Have I been productive?
What is the key ingredient to ensuring that the life you lead has meaning? Is it the education I am receiving? or is it the late-night vent sessions that friends sometimes need?  Is it making sure I get straight A's and spend as much time ensuring my success as possible? Or is it taking time to help a classmate who struggles or making dinner for the brand new mother in our ward?

These are questions which seem to have no definitive answer and are therefore all the more frustrating. I suppose it is just a series of personal decisions which we have to make daily and deal with the consequences for life. The key I suppose is to learn which consequences you really want to live with.

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