Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just Got Schooled by a 12-year-old

This story requires a little back-ground.

I am an academic not and athlete, in high school though I decided to try softball for a year. It was a really fun experience yet was something that I don't have any real talent for. One of the beauties of being in a small institution is the fact that I can still play on a sports team and experience the camaraderie which is unique to the team atmosphere. A few minutes into our first practice though I realized that I am in WAY over my head. The girls in 215 are actually going to make me a sign for home games that says "Go #18! Even If You Suck We Still Love You" I am that bad. I lack muscles. I can't really throw, bat or run. But after a few weeks I can tell that I am showing a little improvement so by spring I will be a juggernaut.

Oh! Time for a plug! My team as of this moment doesn't have a field on our campus and we almost have enough money to get there any donations would be so appreciated!


So now onto the story...

I really had thought that I was making some good progress until tonight when coach had me throw with a 12 year old girl who she works with. Now there really was nothing wrong with throwing with a kid. I thought that's where my level was at actually. I discovered however that this little girl is ever so much better than I am. There is nothing that will humble you quite like getting schooled by a little girl. And not just in the warm-up throws, nope, she kicked my butt in all of the infield drills as well. (Though that is permissable I am an outie not an innie)

One thing I noticed from watching her though was that she did EVERY SINGLE THING we were told to do. She did it immediately, she did it consistantly and after a few times through she did it perfectly. I think that's whats meant when the Lord commanded us to be as a child. We are to obey quickly, constantly and try our hardest to follow our instructions perfectly. I can only hope that if I follow her example I will be as amazing at both softball and life. Thanks little one for showing me exactly what I need to do to get through this season and through this life.

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