Monday, October 4, 2010

Parachutes and Chocolate Milk

Pig-tails are dangerous things. You wouldn't think so, they seem to be cute cuddly and harmless. Don't be deceived though, this hairstyle will lead to more immaturity than ever thought possible.

Some people have the odd idea that when you are in college you are more mature than you were in high school...LIE. Not true, at least not for me. I love taking naps, eating cookies in class and coloring. While talking to my baby sister I realized that really there are no differences between college and kindergarten. What triggers this set of thoughts, well this week I had pig-tails in one day and that resulted in many joyous escapades.

First there was chocolate milk. My dear friend Trish was blowing bubbles in her chocolate milk after telling her she was acting like she was five, I grabbed my own glass and started racing her on how quickly I could fill my cup up.
As you can see...I won!

That was not the end of my fun, not by a long shot. Later after a long and arduous process I finally was able finish my laundry. Cassie kindly guarded my laundry with me and when we got my sheets out from the dryer we realized it looked like those little parachutes that kids play with.

 I didn't take this pic.
Well without further ado we played parachute. It was quite enjoyable, I was amazed at how big my sheet was.

Finally pig-tails can lead to skipping around Wal-Mart at midnight. Rm 215 needed to make a food run for our marvelous dinner we made last night and I got to tag along because I needed snacks for tomorrows temple trip. While they were looking at bagels I realized that I had run out of crackers so naturally I had to restock. What is the quickest way to get around in your bunny slippers and pig-tails? Skipping of course.

So that's why pig-tails are dangerous. They lead to chocolate milk bubbles, parachute games in the laundry room and skipping around Wal-Mart at 12 in the morning.

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