Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Film Studies...It was a good idea at the time.

I am NEVER ever watching a depressing, though provoking, kids-in-danger movie again. Who would have thought that so many critical films of the age would be dark and depressing. Laughter and happiness aren't good enough for critical acclaim.

Ok, we did get to watch some Buster Keaton features and they were enjoyable, and the documentaries on sound and how they did a lot of the effects on LOTR was really cool too. But Touch of Evil? Sunset Boulevard? Dr. Strangelove? and the Bicycle Thieves! I am tired of depressing ending after depressing ending.

 (Sorry if you like any of those, I didn't complain about High Noon because I have an uncle who I am fairly sure loves westerns)

I'm actually fairly certain that I just won't really be watching any movies for a long time after this class gets finished. I have watched 21 feature films in the past 30 days not to mention my philosophy films (and they were just as depressing). No, when I come home it will be books, the pool and just about anything besides watching movies for me.

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