Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So for some crazy reason I decided that I would forgo a summer of reading a book of day for fun in order to read a book every day for school. Yes, I have chosen to stick around at school for another 2 months in order to study Jane Austen; deal with the growing humidity for How to Watch a Film; and do battle with ginormous bugs for Philosophy.

Don't ask me why - I really don't know myself.

Despite the growing heat and worse humidity I have a house now, kitchen included. With that kitchen will come weekly batches of cookies for passersby. (The baseball team are probably going to become regulars if today was any indication.) I also hope to be more regular in my updates. My two best friends have left for home and so if this past weekend was any indication I will be pretty bored so with nothing else to do I could quite possibly become one of those blogging addicts. Perhaps I could even get to the reason behind my starting the blog in the first place...that is to do book reviews.

I will leave that for later however, there is a most beautiful thunderstorm starting up and I really want to watch it. May your May be as enjoyable, if not more, so than mine.

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  1. Dang, I hope those weekly cookies last into fall semester too! ;) Haha! Good luck!