Thursday, May 19, 2011

Isn't this Supposed to be Summer? know that big yellow thing that we are supposed to see in the sky during the day? I think it's called the sun. Well APPARENTLY Virginia did something to offend it because we haven't seen any of it since summer term started. It has been gloomy, rainy, with lightning with the thunder afterward. I am getting tired of it.

At least its just the same back home.

And with this weather it isn't too painful to stay in class for 9 hours a day. Or to study for innumerable hours at night. That's another point. I though summer was supposed to be lazy. I am doing way more work now than I did throughout the regular school year. Lots of reading, papers that are now the standard college length of 8-12 pages all to be done in a month...

Why did I do this to myself? It's like I'm an adult or something.

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