Monday, May 9, 2011

My Eyes are Calling for Surrender.

This summer is going to involve a lot more reading than even I anticipated. Taking 9 college credits in a month really isn't a good idea unless you are reading ready. In less than a week I have read one and a half Austen books, a lot of Plato and Descartes with Kant, Hume and St. Augustine to follow. That doesn't include my text book for my film studies class or all of the texts for my institute classes.

As I only have a month to learn what is usually taught in four I have class every day for 2 hours with at least 1-2 hours of reading out of class for each class. This leaves very little room (or brain power) for free reading. This saddens me greatly because summer is when I usually get caught up, at least somewhat, on my list of things that absolutely have to get read.

I shouldn't be complaining however. I get to read and study Jane Austen this summer. She is, by the criteria set forth by Samuel Johnson (he is THE critic to impress when it comes to the 18th century and as he wrote the dictionary I will trust him) quite possibly the best novelist who ever put their pen to paper.

Now to male readers, she is much much more than a romantic writer. She is a comedian, and can come up with insults to rival Dickens and Shakespeare, all delivered with grace and elegance.  As the course continues I will be adding things I am learning hopefully in an entertaining manner. For now though I need to get back to Descartes.

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